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    Selected Sample Projects  
Sn Name of Projects Type of Work Client Completion Year
1 Dhulikhel Sulabh Toilet Evaluation Project Evaluation Study GTZ/DNP 1987
2 Damak & Damauli Sewerage System Feasibility Study DWSS/HMG 1988
3 Preparation of Structural Plans of Syuna in Kalikot and Bhajani in Kailali Districts. Development Planning Basic Shelter Study Project, DHUD 1989
4 Study of Indigenous Fuel (wood / charcoal) Resource Potential for Interfuel Substitution. Feasibility Study WESP/WECS 1991
5 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Study in Eastern & Central Development Regions relating to Water Supply and Sanitation & Hygiene. Research Study DWSS/UNICEF 1991
6 Impact Evaluation Study of Bio-gas in Nepal . Evaluation UNDP 1991
7 Bagmati Watershed Project Field Inventory and Maintenance of BWP Activities in Lalitpur. BWP 1993
8 Role of Women in Water and Energy Sector in MWDR. Research Study WISP/WECS 1995
9 Shanku Sewerage System. Pre-feasibility Study PLAN 1995
10 Low Flow Study in Bardiya, Kailali & Kanchanpur Districts. Study DHM 1996
11 Assess/ Compare the Status of Women's Involvement in Irrigation System Management and Water Utilization Projects in IMTP Phase-I Sub Project. Study DOI/IMTP 1996
12 Preparation of Physical Development Plan and Action Plan of Beni , Myagdi. Development Planning DHUD 1997
13 Technical Evaluation of Water Programme. Evaluation Study Water Aid / NEWAh 1997
14 Low Flow Measurements of Eastern Terai Rivers Study DHM 1996
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