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  Institution Development & Human Resource Training Selected Sample Projects  
Sn Name of Projects Type of Work Client Completion Year
1 Training of Technicians (Shallow Tube well and Sanitation) including practical demonstration. Training Program DWSS/WHO 1986
2 Orientation Training for new engineers (Course I & II ) Training Program DWSS/WHO 1986
3 Deep Tube Well and Pumping Operations Training for WSSC staffs. Training Program WSSC/IDA 1986
4 Management Training for Assistant Engineers Training Program DWSS/WHO 1988
5 National Shelter Sector Training Needs Assessment Project (In association with SGV of Philippines) Training Program UNCHS/UND 1992
6 Resealing Training Contract RMP – Package 5 Construction Supervision & Training DOR / DFID 1998
7 Resealing Training Contract RMP – Package 14 Construction Supervision & Training DOR / DFID 1999
8 Kathmandu Urban Development Project (in association with COWI consult and PADCO) Development Works Project Management /Institutional Development DHUD/ADB 2000
9 Bagmati Irrigation Project , Command Area Development Training for Users Association and Institution DOI/SFD 2000
10 Fourth Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Sector Project in EDR , MWDR & FWDR (JV OF CEMAT-NEPALCONSULT -TAEC) Users' Organization DWSS/IDA 2001
11 Urban and Environment Improvement Project Project Preparation Technical Assistance DUDBC 2002
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